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P2P | Online Trading Course

P2P | Online Trading Course

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Are you struggling to make ends meet?

Looking to learn a significant skill that can pay ALL your bills?


Our online Forex trading course is designed to provide you with intermediate and advanced knowledge about the FX market. The difference between us at P2P and those at Udemy or a multi level marketing company is that we are face-to-face daily so we interact with our students 95% of the time! With that being said, some subjects you can expect to learn about include:

* Market Structure
* Price Action
* Money Management (Risk/Reward)
* Currency Pairs
* Trade Execution
* Trading Psychology
There are every day folks that believe that they don't have access to this type of information but we're here to provide the necessary connections. We understand that times are hard for most and we want to help as many people as possible so we did the impossible. Upon registering for the course you can either chose the one-time payment method or choose our payment-plan option. Act now for up to 60% off, sale ends February 28th, 2023!
- Mondays will be dedicated to introducing you to the basics of Forex trading.
- Tuesdays we'll dive into TradingView and review currency pairs, calculate pips, and discuss session times.
- Wednesdays will be a day for recap of the material covered on Monday and Tuesday.
- Thursdays will be dedicated to exploring Forex fundamentals.
- Fridays will be devoted to mark-ups and demo trading.
- Saturdays we'll dedicate 2 hours to marking up currency pairs and backtesting strategies.
- Sundays, we'll revisit the fundamentals for a weekly outlook on the market.
With our comprehensive training course, you'll have all the tools you need to succeed in the Forex market and start making better earned income.
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